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How to Minimise the Risk of Problematic Tenants

As a landlord, finding reliable and responsible tenants is crucial to ensuring the smooth management of your property and safeguarding your investment. A bad tenant can lead to numerous headaches, from unpaid rent to property damage. Here are some essential steps to minimise the risk of renting to problematic tenants. Conducting a comprehensive tenant referencing […]

Tips to help you manage your rental property if your tenants are on holiday

With the school holiday looming many families will be preparing for their summer holidays away. If you manage your own rental property, here are some simple tips that you can share with your tenants to ensure the safety and security of your property (and their home) over the holiday period. Happy Holidays! We use Ring […]

How can Ello Property help you?

“Throughout my 20 plus years working as an agent, I have witnessed the increasing pressures facing landlords. I decided to do something to help”. Alfie Rose (Ello’s Founder) Landlords fulfil a critical housing need, yet more and more are deciding to exit the market. A less favourable tax regime, increased borrowing costs and the threat of […]

Licensing – Improving Housing Standards or another Landlord Tax?

In 2015, the Government introduced a General Approval, granting local authorities the ability to establish Selective Licensing schemes. Selective Licensing allows a local council to require every landlord of privately rented housing within a specified area to obtain a license for each property.  This initiative is designed to improve housing conditions, tackle anti-social behaviour and […]

The Renters Reform Bill – in a nutshell

The journey of the Renters Reform Bill has been a lengthy one since its initial announcement by Theresa May’s Government in April 2019, culminating in the publication of the whitepaper in June 2022. Despite its progression, the bill is far from being set in stone, undergoing a rigorous process before potentially becoming law. In October […]

Attract Quality Tenants: Tips for Enhancing Your Property’s Appeal

In the competitive rental market, maintaining the standard of your rental property is crucial to attract the best tenant at an optimal rent. With nearly 50% of tenants experiencing rent increases in the past year, it’s no surprise they demand quality, energy-efficient properties. Ensuring your property stands out can significantly enhance your chances of attracting […]