Renter’s Reform Bill Update

As the ever evolving Renter’s Reform Bill lingers on the Tories manifesto, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities is planning to make various amendments to the proposed Bill. 

These amendments are:

1. All tenancies will be for an initial 6 month term, thereby providing some certainty for both tenants and landlords and establishing a level of stability within the market.

2. The ability for the landlord to evict students within HMOs via a mandatory possession ground.

3. A Government review of the many Council licensing schemes that may double up on the requirement of the proposed new property portal. Many of the schemes already demand information relating to compliance.

4. The Secretary of State also agrees to review the effectiveness of the key parts of the Bill to include the grounds for possession and the abolition of fixed term tenancies.

5. The Government also agrees to review county court possession proceedings to ensure the courts are ready for the abolition of Section 21 notices. 

6. A commitment by the Government to publish a review of the private rented sector once a year. 

The Bill is set to have its report stage and third reading on 24th April. 

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